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Crenshaw Christian Center Church
7901 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90044


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Churches in Spring Texas - 77387

Find churches in Spring Texas that are right for you.
Looking for churches in Spring Texas? Finding good churches in Spring Texas is the main purpose of our site. FlockFinder allows you to search for churches in Texas that are right for you! With FlockFinder, churches can easily be narrowed using 15 different search categories. FlockFinder also provides vital information about churches before you decide to visit.

Everyone knows there are a many wonderful churches in Spring Texas and FlockFinder makes finding them very easy, so whatever you do, don't stop searching. FlockFinder never ceases to find new churches to add to our database. So if you can't find something in today's search, please come back frequently. Our only goal is to provide the best information possible about churches in Spring Texas.

A common opinion amongst parents currently, is that they are searching for churches in Spring Texas which pay special focus on childrens' needs. The majority of parents realize that by taking their children to church at a young age, they are more likely to continue with the morals and values taught by the many churches in Spring Texas. But making the decision to bring the kids to church is not where it ends because childrens' services in churches in Spring Texas can vary drastically from one location to the next. This is the reason why FlockFinder has a unique area for churches in Spring Texas, that provide services for children. This area has details for the areas of interest many parents focus on while searching for churches in Spring Texas that provide childrens service.

The area that parents usually look at first is the overall ministry description. churches in Spring Texas use this area to describe the childrens ministry in their own words. Doing this gives parents a fundumental comprehension of the childrens ministry and brings the parents another step closer to deciding whether it's worth a visit.

Almost as helpful is the section that gives the age range the childrens ministry supports. As you might expect, not all churches in Spring Texas provide childrens services for every age group. Most churches have only a few people that can volunteer in the childrens ministry. Unfortunately, they can only provide a couple different age groups. With FlockFinder, churches in Spring Texas have the ability to designate the predominant ages in their childrens ministry. They also have the ability to list up to four groups specific to boys and girls by age bracket. This ends up being extremely helpful for parents who may have more then one child and are looking for a church where each of them can get involved.

Another area which helps parents is the section that displays the type of curriculum used in the childrens service. This gives churches in Spring Texas the opportunity to declare openly the material which is being taught in their childrens ministry. Security is also a concern on the minds of parents. FlockFinder has a section where churches in Spring Texas can specify whether or not they provide any type of security procedure for parents dropping off their kids. Providing these types of details is vital to finding a good church home.

It just wouldn't be a childrens service without having some fun, so FlockFinder provides a place where churches in Spring Texas can specify if their childrens service offers recreational events for the kids. Need to find out which churches in Spring Texas plan special plays or musicals for kids to get involved with? FlockFinder even has a section for that. For these reasons, we continue to say that FlockFinder is committed to providing the best information available on the web for churches in Spring Texas.

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Church name: Immanuel United
Church Description: No matter who you are, no matter where you are on life's journey - you are welcome! Join us for worship 10:45 am Sunday morning,if you wish come early for Sunday school at 9:30 am for children and adults. : Immanuel United Church (UCC), housed in a traditional brick structure, sits on a spacious, wooded lot at the entrance to Old Town Spring, Texas. Immanuel is an intimate community of brothers and sisters in Christ and a home where all who seek God are welcomed and loved. In terms of mission, the church is committed to following Jesus Christ in service in the local community and the world. The church provides appropriately for every facet of its membership with worship, Christian education, and fellowship activities. We invite you to come and worship with us. Come as you are. For more information, you may call the church at 281-288-3199 or visit online at traditional, conservative, musical, open to sharing joys and conserns, full of heart felt prayers and worship to our Lord and Savior This is a United Church of Christ church. The church building could be described as Conservative (stained glass and steeple). The church's dress code could be described as Come as you are (jeans, t-shirts, etc) . The size of the church building could be described as small (seats less than 500).

For more information, you can call the church at (281) 288-3199 or visit them online at

Church Address: 26501 Border St. - Spring, TX - 77373

Service time: Sunday 10:45AM

Church Ministries:
Main service (Sat/Sun)