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Churches in Melissa Texas - 75454

Find churches in Melissa Texas that are right for you.
Looking for good churches in Melissa Texas? Finding good churches in Melissa Texas is the main purpose of our site. FlockFinder lets you find churches in Texas that are right for you! With FlockFinder, churches can easily be narrowed using 15 different search categories. FlockFinder also gives you important details about churches before you decide to visit.

It is no secret that there are a many great churches in Melissa Texas and FlockFinder makes finding them very easy, so don't prematurely end your search. FlockFinder never stops looking out for new churches to add to our database. So if it just isn't yeilding any results today, check back frequently. Our goal is to provide the most information possible about churches in Melissa Texas.

At this point in time, a lot of churches in Melissa Texas already have a site on the web, but by and large, the main people who are viewing the site are their own members. It doesn't take too long for them to become frustrated with one bad church site after another, without much chance of discovering potential churches to visit. FlockFinder was developed to solve this problem. It was created to be a search engine for finding good churches in Melissa Texas, but not just for churches in Melissa Texas but across the United States as well. With at least 10 unique search categories to filter by, people are able to search for churches with an eye on what is vital to them. The listings we provide give everyone the comprehensive information they're looking for in churches, in a simple format, so they can quickly navigate through all the churches in Melissa Texas and make educated decisions on which churches to attend.

For some time, churches in Melissa Texas have been feeling the pressure to get a church website, with the hope that it would be an effective tool and a way to promote church growth. The unfortunate truth is that most church websites ultimately end up as outdated newsletters for their own members. They are rarely seen by the very people who are looking for churches to attend. FlockFinder uses the Internet to give the most exposure to churches in Melissa Texas, and gives seekers a long-awaited tool for finding churches to visit. churches in Melissa Texas would be amazed at the amount of people looking for a church in their area.

Many churches in Melissa Texas don't really know the weekly challenge Christians face when trying to find good churches in Melissa Texas Some churches come to the conclusion that since they aren't getting any new visitors, it simply means that nobody is searching. These churches might not realize how uncomfortable a visitor can feel in a new church. There are many differences between churches in Melissa Texas. Many people have had bad experiences visiting new churches in Melissa Texas. Not knowing what to expect when walking through a church's doors is more than enough to keep people from visiting at all. FlockFinder's real goal is to provide as much information about churches as possible, so people will know exactly what to expect when they walk through those doors.

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Church name: First Baptist Church Melissa
Church Description: If you are looking for exciting worship, relevant messages, excellent childcare, exciting youth ministry, and a friendly atmosphere, First Melissa is the place for you. We teach God's inerrant Word, apply its truths to daily life, integrating the latest technology with musical excellence and creative teaching. This is a Southern Baptist church. The church building could be described as Cutting-edge (you wouldnt even know its a church). The church's dress code could be described as Casual (comfortable yet still dressy) . The size of the church building could be described as medium (seats 500 - 1500).

For more information, you can call the church at (972) 838-2277 or visit them online at

Church Address: 2600 State Hwy 121 - Melissa, TX - 75454

Service time: Sunday 9:00AM

Church Ministries:
Childrens' ministry | Drama ministry | Friendship outreach | Main service (Sat/Sun) | Mens' ministry | Mid-week service | Ministry outreach | Missions ministry | Music ministry | Nursery | Recreational events | Singles' Ministry | Sports | Sunday school | Youth ministry