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Crenshaw Christian Center Church
7901 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90044


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Churches in Carthage Texas - 75633

Find churches in Carthage Texas that are right for you.
Looking for churches in Carthage Texas? Finding good churches in Carthage Texas is the main purpose of our site. FlockFinder lets you find churches in Texas that are right for you! With FlockFinder, churches can easily be narrowed using 15 different search categories. FlockFinder also provides vital information about churches before you decide to visit.

It is no secret that there are a many great churches in Carthage Texas and FlockFinder makes finding them very easy, so whatever you do, don't stop searching. FlockFinder never stops looking out for new churches to add to our database. So if you don't have success finding churches today, please check back often. Our only goal is to provide the best information possible about churches in Carthage Texas.

Currently, lots of churches in Carthage Texas already have their own website, but mostly, the only people who are looking at the website are the people who already attend the church. It takes little time at all for people to get irritated with poorly built church websites, with little to no hope of finding good churches to visit. This is why FlockFinder was built. It was crafted to be a search engine for finding great churches in Carthage Texas, but not just for churches in Carthage Texas but across the United States as well. With more than 10 different search topics to pick from, people everywhere can search for churches with a focus on what is important to them and their family. The results we provide give seekers a comprehensive overview of every church in a simple format, so they can easily browse through all the churches in Carthage Texas and make an informed decision on which church to visit.

For quite some time now, churches in Carthage Texas have been getting pressured into getting a website, with the assumption that it would become an effective evangelistic tool and a way to promote their church. The reality today is that many church sites simply end up as little more than newsletters for their current members. They are hardly ever seen by people really looking for churches to attend. FlockFinder uses the web to give true exposure to churches in Carthage Texas, and gives seekers a tool for finding great churches. churches in Carthage Texas might be surprised at the number of people who are looking for a church in their area.

Alot of churches in Carthage Texas don't realize the challenge Christians are facing each week trying to find good churches in Carthage Texas Many churches assume that since they aren't getting any new visitors, it must mean people aren't searching. These churches may not know just how uncomfortable a visitor can feel in a new church. There are a number of variations between churches in Carthage Texas. Some people have had bad experiences visiting new churches in Carthage Texas. The uncertainty of what to expect when stepping through the doors of churches is enough to keep people from visiting at all. FlockFinder's aim is to provide people with as much information about a church as possible, so they'll know what to expect when they walk through those doors.

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Church name: Common Ground Church
Church Description: Are you looking for more out of life for you and your family? Afraid you won't fit in? Then come try church @ Common Ground Church--your place for a new beginning. Awesome music, relaxed but exciting atmosphere, messages that you can relate to. Something for everyone including kid's church and youth group. Worship and praise starts @ 11:00am, and afterward children are released for Kid's Church and Pastor delivers Sun morning message. This is a Inter-denominational church. The church building could be described as Cutting-edge (you wouldnt even know its a church). The church's dress code could be described as Come as you are (jeans, t-shirts, etc) . The size of the church building could be described as small (seats less than 500).

For more information, you can call the church at (903) 690-0331 or visit them online at

Church Address: 111 W. Sabine - Carthage, TX - 76533

Service time: Sunday 11:00AM

Church Ministries:
Childrens' ministry | Main service (Sat/Sun) | Mid-week service | Missions ministry | Music ministry | Womens' ministry | Youth ministry