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Crenshaw Christian Center Church
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Los Angeles, CA 90044


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Find churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that are right for you.
Looking for churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania? Finding good churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is the main goal of our site. FlockFinder lets you find churches in Pennsylvania that are right for you! With FlockFinder, churches can be filtered by 15 unique search topics. FlockFinder also gives you important details about churches before you decide to visit.

It is no secret that there are a many great churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and FlockFinder makes finding them very easy, so whatever you do, don't stop searching. FlockFinder never stops looking out for new churches to add to our database. So if you can't find something in today's search, please come back frequently. Our goal is to provide the most information possible about churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

At this point in time, a lot of churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania already have a site on the web, but mostly, the only people who are looking at the website are the people who already attend the church. It takes little time at all for people to get irritated with poorly built church websites, with little to no hope of finding good churches to visit. This is why FlockFinder was built. It was crafted to be a search engine for finding great churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, but not merely for churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania but across the U.S. as well. With multiple search options to choose from, people are able to search for churches by what is important to them. The results provided give seekers full details about each church in a simple format, so they can navigate through all the churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania with ease and make an informed decision on which ones to visit.

For quite a while now, churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania have felt the pressure to obtain a website, with the thought that it would end up being an evangelistic tool and a way to promote their church. The unfortunate truth is that most church websites ultimately end up as outdated newsletters for their own members. They are rarely seen by the very people who are looking for churches to attend. FlockFinder uses the Internet to give the most exposure to churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and gives seekers a long-awaited tool for finding churches to visit. churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania would be amazed at the amount of people looking for a church in their area.

Lots of churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania don't know the frustrations Christians are facing weekly with trying to find good churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Some churches conclude that since they aren't getting new visitors, it probably means nobody is searching. These churches might not realize how uncomfortable a visitor can feel in a new church. There are many differences between churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Many people have had bad experiences visiting new churches in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. When you don't have an idea of what to expect when stepping through a church's doors, it is enough to keep people from visiting at all. FlockFinder's true goal is to provide people with as much information about a church as possible, so they'll know exactly what to expect when they walk through those doors.

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Church name: Berean Fellowship Church
Church Description: A contemporary church in the South Hills reaching all ages; emphasis on worship and Biblical teaching. We have small groups for men and women and a strong youth and children's ministry. They are growing spiritually and having fun naturally. Our congregation is loving and caring! We are expecting a great move of God in Pittsburgh and we will be a vital part of it! Come and experience the love of God in our midst, we welcome you! We have a time of anointed worship, brief sharing and teaching of the Word of God -- with ministry available to all. This is a Full Gospel church. The church building could be described as Moderate (modern design with traditional look and feel). The church's dress code could be described as Casual (comfortable yet still dressy) . The size of the church building could be described as small (seats less than 500).

For more information, you can call the church at (412) 220-4673 or visit them online at

Church Address: 300 Rockfield Circle - Pittsburgh, PA - 15216

Service time: Sunday 10:00AM

Church Ministries:
Main service (Sat/Sun)