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Crenshaw Christian Center Church
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Churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania - 19048

Find churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania that are right for you.
Looking for great churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania? Finding good churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania is the single purpose of our site. FlockFinder allows you to search for churches in Pennsylvania that are right for you! With FlockFinder, churches can easily be narrowed using 15 different search categories. FlockFinder also provides vital information about churches before you decide to visit.

There are a lot of great churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania and FlockFinder makes finding them very easy, so keep up the search a bit longer. FlockFinder is forever looking for new churches to add to our database. So if you don't have success finding churches today, please check back often. Our only goal is to provide the best information possible about churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania.

There is an array of ministries that churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania can provide to their congregations. Due to limited personnel, many churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania must be selective about the ministries they choose to offer.

One type of ministry that is rarely seen within smaller churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania is a ministry for Singles. For a lot of churches, people over the age of eighteen who are single are just part of the general congregation. But for churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania that have a large number of college students, a ministry that is centered on Singles' can be a welcomed idea. Normally, it is the larger churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania that have the staff required to create such a specialized ministry. Nevertheless, FlockFinder knows that there are a lot of people specifically looking for churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania where there is a Singles' ministry.

That is the reason FlockFinder displays a Singles' ministry section that churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania can use to describe their Singles' ministry in full detail. Staying consistent with FlockFinder's other church categories, the Singles' ministry category starts off with a general text description. FlockFinder also is aware that the Singles' service is not scheduled weekly for a lot of churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania. This is why FlockFinder permits churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania to mark the frequency of the Singles' services.

As one might also expect, FlockFinder displays the day, start time and length of the Singles' service. The thing most people find surprising is that FlockFinder displays the service length, number of attendees and predominant age group of the service as well.

Another issue that a lot of churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania are sensitive to is that many singles have small children, so they make a nursery available at the service. FlockFinder allows churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania to specify this in their listing as well. FlockFinder is also sensitive to the fact that singles still want to meet people and socialize, so we also have a section where churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania can list social functions planned for the Singles' ministry.This doesn't mean that singles' aren't mindful of serious issues as well. FlockFinder also shows any outreach events the Singles' service coordinates.

As usuall, FlockFinder also has an area where churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania can show information about any music provided during the Singles' service. It is for these reasons that we say that FlockFinder is focused on providing the best information available on the web for churches in Langhorne Pennsylvania.

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church picture
Church name: Langhorne Presbyterian Church
Church Description: A Lighthouse church: beacon of hope and help in lower Bucks County. Sharing the Life of Jesus 7 days a week. Three Sunday services, 3 different styles. Emphasis on prayer and practicing faith. The 10:00 service is our largest, with a blend of choirs, hymns & sometimes praise choruses. Traditional liturgy with a modern feel. Children & youth stay 30 min before going to church school. This is a Presbyterian church. The church building could be described as Moderate (modern design with traditional look and feel). The church's dress code could be described as Casual (comfortable yet still dressy) . The size of the church building could be described as small (seats less than 500).

For more information, you can call the church at (215) 752-3200 or visit them online at

Church Address: 125 East Gillam Ave. - Langhorne, PA - 19047

Service time: Sunday 10:00AM

Church Ministries:
Drama ministry | Main service (Sat/Sun) | Mens' ministry | Mid-week service | Missions ministry | Music ministry | Pastoral care | Sports