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Crenshaw Christian Center Church
7901 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90044


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Churches in Ambler Pennsylvania - 19002

Find churches in Ambler Pennsylvania that are right for you.
Looking for good churches in Ambler Pennsylvania? Finding good churches in Ambler Pennsylvania is the main purpose of our site. FlockFinder allows you to search for churches in Pennsylvania that are right for you! Using FlockFinder, all the resulting churches can be filtered and narrowed using 10 unique search categories. In addition, FlockFinder provides specific information about each and every church before you decide to take a trip and visit.

It is no secret that there are a many great churches in Ambler Pennsylvania and FlockFinder makes finding them very easy, so whatever you do, don't stop searching. FlockFinder never stops looking out for new churches to add to our database. So if it just isn't yeilding any results today, check back frequently. Our goal is to provide the most information possible about churches in Ambler Pennsylvania.

Every day, people from across America send us questions about churches in Ambler Pennsylvania. Youth groups continue to be a favorite option that people are seeking to gain information on the services offered. Young peoples' ministries for churches in Ambler Pennsylvania can be very different from place to place. Churches that offer ministries that specifically cater to the youth are given a special category within the FlockFinder website. This area has details for the areas most people focus on when looking for a church that has a youth service.

Actually, the area that draws peoples' attention most is the ministry description. churches in Ambler Pennsylvania use this category to represent in their own words how their ministry will benefit others. Providing this feature gives the user a true sense of what the youth ministry is like. It can also be the first influencing factor for whether the church seeker will ultimately decide to visit the church.

Perhaps the second most useful information the youth service section provides is the posting of the ages, which the ministry brings in. Unfortunately, not all churches in Ambler Pennsylvania support youth ministries for every age. Few churches have large personnel resources. This usually results in only being able to support a small range of age groups. FlockFinder enables churches in Ambler Pennsylvania to specify the largest age brackets that attend their youth groups. Most parents find this to be helpful especially if they have several children and wish to find a church where the whole family can be involved and engaged.

Helpful information is also provided by posting the average number of people that attend the services. Churches can display how many people are usually in attendance. For people that have a desire to get involved with churches in Ambler Pennsylvania that are smaller in numbers, this can be especially helpful. At the same time, other people would like to become involved with larger churches and feel more at home with bigger crowds.

Another significant factor to think about when looking for a church is the both the length of the music service and the amount of audience participation. The segment of time and attention devoted to music can be vastly different for each church. For anyone that is trying to compare churches to determine which churches in Ambler Pennsylvania to visit, these details can be valuable in finding a suitable church to call home.

FlockFinder also details information about churches in Ambler Pennsylvania that most people probably wouldn't generally think about. For example, in our youth postings, social activities and outreach events are also listed. For these reasons, we continue to say that FlockFinder is committed to providing the best information available on the web for churches in Ambler Pennsylvania.

Today's Spotlight Church
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church picture
Church name: South Ridge Worship
Church Description: SouthRidge emphasizes current worship music led primarily by praise band accompaniment. Prayer stations, visual arts, and contemporary music are regularly used. The service reflects the wants and needs of emerging worshiping generations. Nursery care and Sunday school (through 5th grade) is available every Sunday! Dress is very casual. Please come join us! During our services, we enjoy coffee and bagels in our Fellowship Hall to encourage fellowship of our church community. Our 11am is our Contemporary Worship, known as South Ridge, and primarily lead by Pastor Langdon Palmer ( South Ridge weaves a number of threads of Christian faith into a single unique service. It is like a contemporary worship service in that it has a great praise band, casual dress, relaxed atmosphere and practical biblical preaching. But it is like the ancient church in that it also has an emphasis on prayer and spiritual disciplines, mission to the poor, sacraments and creeds. It contains both times of loud passionate worship, and times to be quiet, by yourself with God. We want you to be able to worship God with your whole self - feelings, intellect, and body. This is a Presbyterian church. The church building could be described as Conservative (stained glass and steeple). The church's dress code could be described as Come as you are (jeans, t-shirts, etc) . The size of the church building could be described as medium (seats 500 - 1500).

For more information, you can call the church at (215) 646-3030 or visit them online at

Church Address: 4 South Ridge Avenue - Ambler, PA - 19002

Service time: Sunday 11:00AM

Church Ministries:
Childrens' ministry | Main service (Sat/Sun)